About Storybook

This is a site where you can make stories containing text and/or pictures in whatever fashion you prefer. Just sign up, and you will be able to write stories and share it with family, friends and strangers!

Originally created for storytelling

Storybook was created as an alternative to another site that let you write stories about in game experiences. Since then that site does no longer accomodate such activities, making Storybook even more essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's all this about?

This is a site where you can write a story or just share images and text in your own way. Anything legal goes, and we hope the tools, though simple, will enable you to get your creativity started in whatever way you chose!

What can I write about? What is required in a story?

You should make whatever kind of stories you like. If what you are making isn't a story at all, that's ok too! Your imagination sets your limits, and everything goes... that is why there is a "Type of story"-box so you can get your story sorted in whatever category you think it fits!

Do I have to log in?

No, not to read stories! But to rate the stories, and to create your own, you need an account.

What if people post horrible/illegal/otherwise unwanted content here?

First off, if you see any of that, please press the button marked "innapropriate content" below. Secondly, if you suspect illegal activity, report the content to us, and we'll take a look.