v1.1 is here. Say hey to Bootstrap 4!

Publicerad av Vidde 2021-10-25 21:25

Considering how long this site has been under development, the version number is crazy low. But... I didn't HAVE version numbers "back in the days".

...trailing off on memory lane of winter and mountains and the north...

Anyways, 1.08 gave us more functionality to collections, and it should have had a higher version number just because collections is such a cool feature that I wanted for so long. But version numbers are just numbers, yaknow?

I finally decided to change to Bootstrap 4 for this page. It's always scary, I always think it's going to be a lot of work. But in reality I did all that work in Shell ages ago. So it's really just minor adjustments.

I took the time to clear some errors appearing in logs too, so things should theoretically work smoother now. We'll see!

Oh, and while looking at the Bootstrap documentation I realized there is Bootstrap 5 since... whenever they released that. So maybe some day I'll fix my sites up with that too? Who knows! :)

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